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2 Oct

Neehr perfect

Neehr Perfect Educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the #1 academic EHR for all healthcare disciplines, at all levels. Nursing. From documentation to saving lives, nurses do it all. Working on an. The #1 educational electronic health record for HIM/HIT students. From coding.

just one example of a library of curated topics and patients in Neehr Perfect. Giving pharmacy students hands-on experiences vital to safe medication. Please refer to the Student Guide to Neehr Perfect Go! for information on.

Neehr Perfect EHR Quick Guide to Retrieving Patient Charts v3. July 14, EHR Go is an educational electronic health record designed to train all healthcare disciplines, at all levels. Fully supported by a team of experienced and friendly. Neehr Perfect® is excited to partner with Cengage on the Lab Manual to accompany Essentials of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices. Finally, patient safety is in the 21st century: healthcare students can now learn how to work across disciplines with Neehr Perfect educational electronic health. Welcome to the Neehr Perfect Go! educational EHR system. 'EHR' stands for Electronic. Health Record and is used by hospitals, clinics, and medical offices to .