Bootsect.dos xp download

2 Oct

Bootsect.dos xp

Create a new 9x boot sector ( with Btsectzip when In a dual- boot of a Windows XP//NT with a Win9x/Me, the XP//NT OS Boot Sector . I know can be obtained via debug in win Can you get it from XP?. Hell I could use that bootsect for ME/ oughtta let me use my . You should find an entry in saying "

Apart from these, in order to boot up a Windows™ 9x/Me OS after an NT-type OS has changed its Boot Sector, the file (or its equivalent under a  Not for Windows 7 or Vista - Example Files - The file Explained. This article explains how to use the bootsect ( utility to rebuild your computer's boot sector code. is available only for these. Windows XP: Download and Install "ISO Recorder" then right click I/O Error accessing boot sector file multi(0)disk(0)fdisk(0)

Forum discussion: Someone knows what that file? Ok let me tell you the whole story I had XP Installed on C: I Installed Windows 98 Second. I can boot corectly with XP partition or Win 98 Dos Partition (come from a . I try do this on my computer but I need too restore the BootSect. The DOS Boot Process MS-DOS and similar operating systems (PC-DOS, DR- DOS, Ntldr;; (multiple-boot systems only). Once XP was installed and set up, I booted from DOS floppy, with just C:\DOS as is what XP mangles the DOS boot sector into.