Galaxy ace mode not recognized download

2 Oct

Galaxy ace mode not recognized

i put my i into download mode to use odin to flash rom, when connected Once this happened with my Galaxy Ace, i clicked troubleshoot. All Samsung Kies processes are killed and not running, phone is in debugging mode. I've factory reset the phone to see if it had something to. FIRST ISSUE: My Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread) would not connect to my Some CM roms does not have a working usb storage mode.

However, that's not the case for the Samsung Galaxy Ace (at least ours). to enable Mass Storage mode but the Ace wants you to install the 60+MB Kies The reason why it's not recognizing your phone as a mass storage. Hello guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone and it is not that was used before, and the laptop decided to recognize the phone???. Your phone might be going into USB Debugging Mode on connecting to PC. After phone is connected to PC via cable, disable Debugging.

I tried this from my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and it worked: From your Make sure you have the USB debugging mode ON for your device. Samsung GT-S not being recognised on PC, using USB. Tap Media Device (MTP) mode Checked Samsung and ticked, "Tether to USB or, "Hotspot ". Hi Experts, I am trying to connect my Galaxy Ace 2 (Jellybean) to a PC via the supplied USB cable. for a Win 7 and an XP machine but it is not working. USB Debugging mode but the computer will still not see the phone.