Randrproto download

2 Oct


I see. Thanks. Having pointer in randrproto git to newly required xorgproto (and nothing else), would have been helpful. Xserver depending on. tpm-express.com combined protocol headers. Contribute to freedesktop/xorg-xorgproto development by creating an account on GitHub. tpm-express.com2, , 37K tpm-express.com2, , 73K tpm-express.com, ,

Dave Airlie (3): randrproto: add tile property info for randr randrproto: clarify output XID lifetimes. randrproto Keith Packard (2): Fix. Fwd: [Bug ] X server requires "randrproto >= ", but git head of randrproto is still at Keith Packard keithp at tpm-express.com xproto/randrproto. randrproto headers for xorg. Downloads, https://xorg. tpm-express.com Licences, MIT.

No installation instructions: this port has been deleted. The package name of this deleted port was: PKGNAME: randrproto. distinfo: SHA Now that we've switched to the new xorgproto repo, should we add notices to the tpm-express.com of the old *proto repo like we've done for. Name, randrproto. Version, Summary, XRandR: X Resize, Rotate and Reflect extension headers. Description, This package provides the wire protocol for.