Frets on fire themes download

2 Oct

Frets on fire themes

FoFiX supports very costumizable themes. Basically everything can be changed to look like you want it too. Animated backgrounds can be achieved with a. a fairly faithful port of GH3, It includes sound-FX. create by worldrave. you have more themes for Fofix, please reupload here do not forget to give rate/coment. A Frets on Fire X (FOFIX) Skin Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by Ezequiel-TM.

All themes in this list are for the standalone FoF fork known as FoFiX. This was previously known as MFH-Mod, and Alarian mod before that. Fofix - Frets on Fire X: a fork of Frets on Fire with many added features and capabilities. Frets On Fire X Themes. Frets on Fire can be played by. Name of the settings file:; Header section: [theme]; Format: key = value. Value types: int; float; hexcolor: hexadecimal number that starts with the # sign.