Fortigate fsae client download

2 Oct

Fortigate fsae client

The FSAE solution consists of two components. At least one Collector Agent must be installed on one Domain Controller, and the Domain Controllers DCAgent. On each server with a Collector agent, you will be .. This feature requires FSAE versionĀ  Introduction to agent-based - FSSO NTLM authentication - Agent installation. The Fortinet Server Authentication Extension (FSAE) provides seamless authentication support for Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) and Novell eDirectory users in a FortiGate environment. FSAE provides authentication information to the FortiGate unit so that users automatically get access to permitted resources.

The IOS version shown is where the version of the FSAE/FSSO software first appeared. If you are looking for approximate dates, cross check. Technical Note: How to export and restore Collector Agent configuration HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\WowNode\fortinet\fsae\. Technical Note: Manually Synchronsing FSAE Collector Agents on different Domain In this example, an FSAE Collector Agent and Domain Controller are.

The FSAE installation guide can be found on the Fortinet Branch Point 1: Is the FortiGate unit connected to the collector agent? The first. Polling mode In Polling mode (see Figure), the FSAE collector agent polls each domain controller for user logon information and forwards it to the FortiGate unit. Fortinet Server Authentication Extension Administration Guide. Version MR1 ( build 47) . To configure the FSAE collector agent. Integrates Security with Authentication Fortinet Server Authentication Extension (FSAE) connects the Fortinet security appliances (FortiGate) to the corporate authentication servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, allowing security policy to be defined base on the user information resides on the authentication.