Black ops ray gun sound download

2 Oct

Black ops ray gun sound

I'm doing a presentation, and I was wandering if anyone can find a link or send me a file which is the ray gun sound, when obtained from the box. Firing signature from the RayGun featured in the Zombie mode. Black Ops Zombies - Porter's X2 Ray Gun Sound Effects (High Quality). Console codename(s), Ray_Gun (World at War) Ray_Gun_ZM (Black Ops).

Use [SBAudio]: Ray Gun Shoot Sound and thousands of other assets to build an Tags: Call Of Duty, COD, Zombie, Hellhound, Starbattle, Black Ops, World At. Black Ops Ray Gun replica toy prop from the Call of Duty series . STEAMPUNK Nautilus Ray gun, LED multicoloured lights, sounds, cosplay or display.