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2 Oct

Thurstone primary mental abilities

The biographical profile of L.L. Thurstone, focusing on his/her contributions to the Theory of Primary Mental Abilities; Developed the statistical technique of. Louis Leon Thurstone (29 May – 30 September ) was a U.S. pioneer in the fields of The seven primary mental abilities in Thurstone's model were verbal comprehension, word fluency, number facility, spatial visualization. Other articles where Primary Mental Abilities Test is discussed: L. L. Thurstone: these techniques led to the Primary Mental Abilities Test (), which.

PRIMARY MENTAL ABILITIES. The most important factors identified by Thurstone that have subsequently been replicated in others' work are, in order of . Primary Mental Abilities refer to 7 factors identified by Louis Leon Thurstone. These 7 factors, or primary mental abilities, are word fluency, verbal comprehension. Attempted to find in the factor-analytic investigations of L. L. Thurstone some information concerning factorial intellectual abilities that have unique places in the.

in Thurstone's published primary mental abilities (PMA) battery of tests. Although a number of his factors can be cited as probable forecasts of SI abilities, in only. The Tests of Primary Mental Abilities. THELMA GWINN THURSTONE. Director. T helma THELMA GWINN THURSTONE. Director. Thelma Gwinn Thurstone is. Thurstone's 7 Primary Mental Abilities. Verbal comprehension. Numerical ability. Spatial relations. Perceptual speed. Word fluency. Memory. Reasoning.